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Our Time On The Carnival Paradise Is Done……Thats All Folks!

Well, That’s all folks!……..Our time on The Carnival Paradise has come to an end!

As I reflect on another successful contract singing at sea , I’m feeling such a huge mix of emotions (then again, that could be the celebratory airport beer’s talking !! 😂)

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on Cruise Ships as it has introduced me to so many lovely people from all over the world and many that I can call friends for life. It always makes me sad to say goodbye to new friends at the end of a contract….but that’s just part of the job.
I’m so happy and excited that I get to be home with my family and friends in just a few hours time , after spending all this time away from them!

I’m also feeling extremely proud of myself for completing this long contract! Definitely my most challenging contract so far.
Unfortunately, my voice struggled to remain strong for some reason and I kept experiencing vocal fatigue which made it difficult to perform to the best of my ability some nights.
It’s been a bit of an uphill struggle for me vocally but I made it to the finish line and hopefully some good old vocal rest at home should help sort that out! ☝🏼😀

We’ve managed to complete a total of….

  • 169 days at sea
  • 36 cruises
  • 34 visits to Cozumel
  • 19 visits to Grand Cayman
  • 2 visits to Cuba
  • 2 visits to Key West
  • 2 visits to Roatan
  • 1 visit to Cartagena
  • 1 sail down the Panama Canal

….And now here I am at the airport ready to fly back to sunny Scotland ❤️


With only a few hours left with Mr A , I have that horrible feeling in my gut knowing that I have to say goodbye to him soon as he makes his way back to his home in Texas and me back to Scotland to spend around 7 weeks apart. 💔
Considering he’s my boss and best friend and we live in a tiny cabin together for months on end, eat together, work together, party and socialise together…it’s surprising we’re not ringing each other’s necks by now!!!…but somehow we make it work and I get so used to him being around that I feel like I’m missing a limb when we are apart😞 It’s so hard saying goodbye to the person who you are joined at the hip to for months on end.
It never gets any easier saying goodbye at the airport but one thing I do know is that I definitely won’t cry as much as I did saying goodbye to him after our first contract together …….the woman next to me on the plane home that year must have thought something absolutely terrible had happened to me ! 😂😂😂

What a great contract we've had! Lets do a quick recap....

The band ‘Kraken’ was formed and started making great music together in The Carnival Studios (also spent a month of drinking far too much beer and eating lots of pizza!)

6 members of Kraken, 4 members of Latin Beat and 8 playlist cast members drive 4 hours north from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa Florida to join our new home for the next 7 months !

•Completed our amazing 10 day Journey’s Cruise
visiting New Ports I’d never been to before …including sailing all the way down the Panama Canal which truly blew my mind!

•I had the honour of performing ‘The Christmas Song’ in the Theatre at our ‘Carnival Paradise Christmas Service’ on Christmas Eve to all our guests and celebrated Christmas Day in Cozumel Mexico drinking cocktails with Mr A and the rest of the band and swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea!

Kraken performed outside on the Lido deck stage to all our guests (including a few Scottish guests too!) on New Years Eve and helped count down to 2018 in the middle of the ocean somewhere between Mexico and Florida followed by a massive party!

Check the video below!

The Falkirk Heard featured my blog in their newspaper! (click on the photo below to read the article)

Mr A and I celebrated Valentine’s Day eating beautiful Italian food looking over the ocean in Grand Cayman❤️

•Docked in Key West for the first time in years and had our very first trip to Cuba, where we explored the city, drank Havana Club and smoked cigars !


Flew from Tampa to Cancun , took a Bus down to Playa Del Carmen then a ferry over to Cozumel with Mr A to spend a whole month living in Cozumel Mexico while The Carnival Paradise was in Dry Dock getting a face and butt life! (Best month of my life to date!) Check out my blog post about our month in Cozumel snorkelling, using pesos, drinking cocktails, making new friends, practising our Spanish, doing gig’s, eating REAL Mexican food, getting tattoos and more!


Chris’s dad and stepmum came to cruise with us! We rented a Jeep in Cozumel and drove them over the other side of the island to enjoy the beaches and tequila !


Reached #1 in the fleet for live music for the month! (Proud girlfriend moment!)

Chris’s mum and stepdad joined us on our second cruise to Cuba where we did a mini tour of the city in an old vintage car followed by great live music and food ! Loved it!

•Treated myself to the iPhone 8 Plus!

•First visit to Roatan

4 days into the month and here I am in the airport ready to fly home for a well deserved break!

I made this little video snippet of us performing on stage and it just reminded me of how much fun I’ve had performing with these guys over these last 7 months ! It’s been a total blast and probably the most on-stage fun I’ve had on any of my 6 contracts….. you can see it all over my face from this video! Check it out below!

Thing's to look forward to when I'm home...

The list is endless….but a few thing’s I’m looking forward to is

  • Free WiFi and phone service !
  • A new possible business opportunity
  • Dad’s cooking!
  • Curry lunch days with mum and dad
  • Spending time with friends , all the babies and my amazing family ,including my brother and Sister in Law who have now moved back to Scotland!❤️❤️❤️


  • A holiday to Alacante with my friends to drink cocktails, lay in the sun and take one too many selfies!
  • Going to see James Taylor and Bonnie Rait in Glasgow with dad.
  • Mr A coming over to spend time with us all in Scotland !
  • A holiday on Islay, my favourite island,  with all the family!

Turning the big three-oh! 🙈

Flying to Texas to spend time with all of Mr A’s family !

But what's next in the pipe line?....

I am so excited to announce that I have signed my seventh contract already and after these next few months at home , followed by a visit to Texas, we will be back in the Carnival Studios for the month of October , then we’ll be ready to start our very long journey over to the land of Kangaroos, Dingo’s , Koalas and shrimps on the bar-b, that’s right…..it’s the land down under…. We’re going to AUSTRALIA BABY!!!!

We’ll fly into Sydney on November 1st to join the beautiful CARNIVAL LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited to see a whole new part of the world that I’ve never been to before ! I’ll get to see Sydney AND Melbourne and we even do a cruise to parts of New Zealand as well, including Wellington and Dunedin!

I’M SO EXCITED!!! 👏🏼👏🏼

This has been my first ever contract as a blogger and I have to say I’m so glad Christy managed to convince me to set up annabeesings !😀

I’ve really enjoyed finding the time to write and it’s so nice to have something else to keep me occupied and keep my brain active when working on ships!

I want to just say quick Thank You to Will, Conor, Nicky, Luis and Mr A! We’ve had a fantastic contract and I really feel like I’ve gained new friends for life ! I’m so proud of us all for starting and finishing the contract together! We’ve worked so hard and we’ve had so much fun along the way! 

I love these guys !

Although I’ll not be on Ship’s for the next few months, I still plan on writing and keeping my blog updated and look forward to what’s in store for annabeesings, part two!


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