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Welcome to The Carnival Horizon.

Hello!….. It’s me Anna Bee , remember me ? 😀👋🏼

I am writing this blog from a sun lounger on deck 15 of my new floating home, The Carnival Horizon in the very beautiful and sunny Dominican Republic.

I couldn’t wait to find some time to write this blog to tell you all about my new ship because I loooovvveeeeeee it!!

We’ve had a busy old month here but I think we’re finally starting to ease into our new position as a duo!Going from high energy sets with a full band to just the two of us every night definitely took a bit of adjusting but once Chris gets his looper going AND the old ‘beat buddy’ is set up….then lifts his sax for a badass solo mid song , sometimes I feel like I AM back in the band again!😂

I brought my guitar with me, Susie the Seagull, on it’s first ever contact at sea and have been playing on a few songs each set which is good fun and we also have an electric Cajon here too which I’ve been practising on to eventually add into our sets…… at the moment, it just makes a pretty uncomfortable seat on stage! 😖

Ports of Call

Our itinerary here is awesome, lots of great ports including Ocho Rios in Jamaica and La Romana in the Dominican Republic, Grand Turk, San Juan, St Kitts, St Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, Grand Cayman and ofcourse COZUMEL , Our home away from home ❤️…… all beautiful ports of call ⚓️☀️

Even a month in and I’m still finding parts of the ship I didn’t know was there 😂 It really is HUGE! When we are in port and look at it docked next to other ships, it still gives me big stars in my eyes 🤩

This 133,500 ton vessel has a capacity of 3,936 guests and 1,450 crew members and is the newest ship in the Carnival Fleet so everything is still so new and shiny! Look at her!

Even the cabins are bigger…. which made us really happy after our teeny cabin on The Legend ! 😂

They’ve mounted nice big high def TV’s on the walls for us in the cabin’s with on demand movies built in, which was a really nice touch!…..And even more exciting than that ….. wait for it ……. they’ve put TWO USB ports by the bedside for us!!!!!!!!!!…Honestly, it’s the simple things in life! 😂

The high speed internet really is every crew members dream come true! (And also gives me no excuse for regular blog posts and up to date Instagram stories!😂) However, it’s not a good feeling to play music to a room full of people with their heads stuck in their iPhone but hey ho, I guess that’s the world we live in now! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Fun Fact.

Did you know that each ship has a fairy godmother??

I recently found this out and guess who was named the godmother of The Carnival Horizon?…… None other than Queen Latifah herself!

So what else does the Horizon have that makes it so special?

Guys Pig and Anchor BBQ Smokehouse.

Ok so I gotta start with our favourite place, The Pig And Anchor !!🐷&⚓️

This is the part of the ship you can find Chris and I in most night’s as we do the majority of our gigs in here. It’s a cool vibe with the yummiest bbq food!

We also have our very own brewery in here serving four of our own delicious craft beers. 🍺

Carnival Multiplex

We have 2 movie theatres’s on board including an IMAX Theatre and it’s freaking HUGE!!!!!!!! This part really blew my mind, it’s so hard to believe your on a ship when your in here, it looks so much like a movie theatre on land! It’s pretty mind blowing! The other one is a smaller theatre that offers fun 3-D movies with mad jump-out-the-screen visuals and multi sensory effects which is super cool! (This photo doesn’t actually do it justice!)

Sky Ride.

The sky ride is a two lane course which allows you to pedal around the top of the ship in a mad wee buggy/bike type thing which overlooks the beautiful blue ocean and gives you a birds eye view of the ship! (I’d really hoped to get a go on it before writing this so I could post some pictures but haven’t had the chance to go up yet but maybe that’ll be my next blog!) 😀

Dreamscape LED Atrium Feature.

Performing in the Atrium is a unique experience when your looking down at this…..

Dreamscape is a massive 24-foot funnel-shaped centerpiece that holds more than 2,000 flexible LED tiles that have been customized for specific events happening on board each day/ port of call or special occasion and is always changing colours , It’s a really cool feature! 🥰

Pizza Delivery

So every ship offers pizza on the lido deck 24 hrs a day which is great at the end of a night after a few pink lemonades in the crew bar but with our Carnival Hub app you can now order a Pizza to be delivered to your cabin which is total genius!!!!!….. but also totally dangerous! Our goal is to not gain 10 lbs 😂🙈🍕

There are so many great restaurants here onboard ….. which doesn’t help us in our goal of not gaining weight but we’ve got JiJi’s Asian Kitchen, The Italian restaurant;Cucina Del Capitano, Steak House,our favourite is the Seafood Shack and the Bonsai Sushi but the newest restaurant to CCL is Bonsai Teppanyaki!!

Anyway, there’s so much more I could tell you but how about you just get your ass on a cruise with me and that way you can see it all for yourself!…You’d be crazy not to! 😉 www.carnival.com

Blind Summit Duo have already applied for their next ship and it’s going to be another exciting one, so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming soon!

Oh and if you haven’t done so already , could you please give our Instagram page a cheeky Follow to help us build it up! Thaaaaaanks pals! 👇🏼

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