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Staying Positive At The End Of A Long Contract.

Staying positive and choosing happiness

As we get closer to the end of our contract here on the Paradise, time starts to drag a bit as we start counting the weeks until we fly home!…….(7 weeks and 2 days by the way!)

Working away from family and friends for long months at a time can be difficult and it seems to always be the last few weeks of a contract that are the most challenging!

The list of things I’m missing out on at home is constantly growing and makes me sad HOWEVER something I have learnt while working on ships for a quick and successful contract is about focusing on the good, staying positive, having fun and choosing happiness ! 😀


Time Hop told me that 3 years ago my Facebook status was

nothing like going to work to pull you out of your stink!”

I’m lucky that my job cheer’s me up if I’m not having the best day and maybe not everyone’s job can do that but I also think that we can choose what kind of mood we want to be in for that gig/shift and by choosing to be positive and trying to have fun, I can end up pulling myself out of my mood pretty quickly which can help change the atmosphere and mood on stage with the rest of the guys too!……..Happiness is definitely infectious !


Carnival Ships are also known as ‘The Fun Ships’ and as crew members one of our top goal’s is to create fun and memorable vacations for our guests and try to include fun in everything we do.

I really try to make this one of my main focus’ when I am on stage AND in the company of our guest’s but wouldn’t it be great if we all tried to apply this to anything and everything we do?

Choose happiness.

Working on ships is definitely NOT a drag and it would be difficult to entertain guests with a miserable face but you would be surprised at the amount of crew members I have met in my 4 years at sea who manage to turn this job into a chore and turn all those points I mentioned into negative ones.

As soon as these people have clocked out from their working day, they’ll bury their head in a large whiskey in the crew bar and complain about how terrible the audience were that night or how bad the band sounded on that one song or how rank that “particular musician” is farting on stage all night (ok that last one is just me!)😂 ……..Anyway, my point is, WHY would you CHOOSE to spread negativity around and cause yourself and other people around you misery every day when you can just choose to enjoy it?…… and then, equally as frustrating is when there are guests who have paid to come on vacations for a good time and no matter what music we play or how hard we try to make them happy, they’re just not going to smile or allow themselves to have fun !?….. what’s that all about?

We all know those people who LOVE to complain about things and every time you speak to them, they manage to find something to complain about …..whether that’s because they actually BELIEVE what they’re complaining about is TRUE or whether they just find it an ‘easy topic’ of conversation, I’ll never know but hawd oan……here’s an idea….instead of ‘moaning’ about certain topics to make conversation, how about ranting about the good things that’s been going on with you recently ????? Surely, people will stick around and talk to you longer AND find you a nice person too, right?

……and I get it, not everyday are you gonna be feeling like Mrs Positivity, and maybe you’ve had a particularly stressful day or some bad news or your not in the mood but I believe that in this job (and probably almost every job that deals with the public!) ………. you get out there (or ‘up there’ in my case!) and you put on your big old smile and you ACT like everything is fine and guess what ?…….. I’ve actually ended up convincing myself that I AM fine and ended up feeling much better and pulling myself out of my stink!…… did you ever pull a sicky when you were a kid cause you didn’t fancy going into school one day and you’d rather lay on the couch with your duvet and watch ‘The Bear In The Big Blue House’, so you’d tell Big Rona and Eric that you had a really sore tummy and then you’d ACTUALLY end up giving yourself a sore stomach because you’d convinced yourself so much???…….. or was that just me ?? 😂😂 …….. I guess it’s a kind of similar deal! (Sorry mum and dad!)😂

Mr A is currently reading the book Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and read this out to me a few days ago……..

Sometimes the most proactive thing we can do is to BE happy, just to genuinely smile! Happiness, like Unhappiness, is a proactive choice. There are things, like the weather, that our Circle Of Influence will never include. But as proactive people, we can carry our own physical or social weather with us. We can be happy and accept those things that are present we can’t control, while we focus our efforts on the things that we can’

 It’s nice to be nice

One of the positive things working on ships is that we, as crew members, deliberately create ourselves a big family on board and we all look out for one another no matter what department we work for.

Of course it’s difficult to stay happy 24/7 and the crew areas are where you don’t NEED to have a constant smile on your face but whether you know that guy running next to you on the treadmill in the gym or the guy in the laundry room moving your pink undies to the dryer so he can get the machine quicker (see previous posts!) or whether you know that girl next to you in the midnight-mess line thats piling her plate sky high with rice , ……we are all living under the same big red funnel!

Spending long months at a time miles away from our real family’s can be hard and we’ve no idea what’s going on in each other’s personal life’s and as cheesy as it may sound, the quote “a smile goes a long way” is one I like to stick to as I think it remind’s each other that we are all a ‘ship family’ and it helps one another feel ‘at home.’

Wouldn’t it be great if people treated the rest of the world like a cruise ship family?

As crew members we have to wear our name badge at all times around the ship and although some people might find this annoying , the positive side is that you can refer to each other by name whether you know them or not !……. and luckily for me , with such a universal/easy to pronounce name like ‘Anna’, crew members use my name when talking to me all the time or even just “hello Anna” when walking past me on the i95 and I love that !

Anyway, as I said , we are ALMOST at the end of our contract here on The Paradise and it’s been a bloody blast but instead of dragging my heels to the end, I look forward to what these last 7 weeks might have in store for us!

AAAAAAAAANNNNNDDD……Mr A and I have recently confined our next ship and it’s going to be our MOST EXCITING ITINERARY YET!!!!!……. keep your eyes peeled to find out when and where we’ll be galavanting off to next! 😉🚢🌊🎤🎸



  1. April 18, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Great read, we all need to be reminded that positivity and happiness is a choice! I love that you are the light and do all you can to remain positive an happy! I don’t know how you can breathe and sing when someone is passing gas all night though! Hahaha, I might have to complain about that one later!

  2. April 20, 2018 / 1:49 am

    I knew there was a reason I was drawn to you! I just love your positive energy and glowing happiness!! I had such a blast spending the past week dancing to your sets!! Hope to run into you again sometime!
    Keep on smiling 💕

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