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Some exciting news!

Well today marks my 5th year anniversary working for Carnival Cruise Line and what a journey it’s been!

5 years ago I flew over to America on my own and was rehearsing in the studio in Florida with my very first band, Marv And The Magic Tones preparing for my first ship, The Carnival Fascination. (Unbeknown to me, I was also working every night with the man who a few years later was going to ask me to be his wife on my favourite Island in front of all my family!)❤️

Since Marv and The Magic Tones, Chris and I have worked together in six kick-ass bands!

Here they are in order …….

Marv And The Magic Tones (Fascination)

The Funkateers (The Ecstasy)

Stranger’s Like Us (The Fantasy)

Mix Of Six (The Sunshine)

Powerline (The Triumph)

Kraken (The Paradise)

And now Kraken Down Under here in Australia on The Legend.

We’ve been so lucky to work with such talented musicians from all over the world, made such amazing memories and friends that I’ll always keep in contact with. I’ve truly loved Every.Single.Minute of it!

Chris and I are really excited to announce that after our contract here on The Legend, we’re going to be starting a brand new adventure! After 4 weeks vacation we’ll be flying out to Miami to join The beautiful/humongous Carnival Horizon

(the newest ship in the carnival fleet!) as a Mainstream Acoustic Duo!! 👏🏼

We’re both sooo excited to take on this new challenge together and look forward to building our duo to make it the best product it can possibly be! Keep your eyes peeled for our website coming soon!

If you’d like to come visit us and cruise on The Horizon out of Miami Florida we’ll be sailing from Mid March to Mid July on 6 and 8 day cruises around the western Caribbean visiting the beautiful ports of Jamaica, Curacao, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Cozumel and St Marten.

(click on the link below to book your cruise!)🚢



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