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My New Beauty Business Venture.

Hello all ,So I wanted to tell you a bit about my exciting new beauty business venture as it’s something totally different for me and so far I am absolutely loving it!

I have partnered up with a multi million dollar beauty company based in the USA after being approached by a local girl called Lisa via social media.

Lisa read my newspaper article in the Falkirk Herald( Falkirk Herald Article )and contacted me via social media offering me an opportunity that quite frankly, sounded too good to be true!… The job focus’s on building your own beauty business by network marketing, however as soon as Lisa told me that this job can be done from anywhere in the world and all you need is a smart phone, I decided to start my research as I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to make an extra income into my bank account while working my original job at sea on ships.

So after months of research, I decided to invest in some products for myself to try so I could make up my mind if selling these products would be worth my while …and to my delight, I have fallen in love with every product I’ve tried so far!

One of my favourite products right now (and my biggest seller) has to be our teeth whitening toothpaste.

Check the difference in the photo’s of me below (and I actually thought my teeth were pretty white in the picture from March!)


Here is a picture of my friend Emma’s teeth just 3 days after using my paste!


So then I decided to try another product to help get rid of my terrible break-outs on my face which started at the end of my contract at sea due to stress…so I purchased a gel specifically designed to clear up spots/pimples and reduce red scars from previous breakouts and I can honestly vouch for this so much as I can’t believe the difference in my skin since starting using this product in just a matter of weeks!

(Check out these zero makeup before and after’s of me 🙈


Anyway I’ll not go on and on about the other products I’ve been using and still have to try, however if you are interested at all, send me a message and I will gladly get back to you!

I’m excited to introduce these products to the world as I honestly feel like they do what it says on the tin! Woo!!

Thanks for reading ❤️

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