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Hello Friends!

So, a few of you have been asking for some footage of the band performing to see how we are getting on here on The Paradise…..(and by “a few of you”, I mostly mean my mum!!)👏🏼

We’ve been so busy these last few cruises and had some really amazing crowds at our gigs and I keep forgetting to take the GoPro up to the gig and record some stuff……. However, I always have my phone in my bag and occasionally whip it out to record a cheeky snippet of us !

So here’s a little collage I made of a few moments with Kraken on stage from over the past month or so that I’ve recorded with my iPhone !

Enjoy and please share!




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  1. Ernie
    February 16, 2018 / 3:58 am

    Great video. Reminds me of how much fun we had on our cruise on Paradise.

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