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Journey’s Cruise

Hey Followers,

I wanted to post a little bit about our Journey’s Cruise as it was an eventful 10 days so read on if you are interested ☺️……

Grand Cayman (Port day 1):

The Cayman Islands, are located in the Caribbean Sea about 160 kilometers south of Cuba and 290 kilometers northwest of Jamaica. This British Crown Colony consists of three islands.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

Beaches and vibrant coral reefs are the island’s hallmark

Grand Cayman is a Tender Port which means we throw the anchor down and hop in a wee boat that takes you over to the island so we made it over for about 10am. Headed to the nearest cafe for our morning coffee and WiFi fix which is a bit of a ritual these days !

We port in Grand Cayman a lot but we’ve been so busy lately and we usually use this port to rehearse that this was my first time out AND we had the day off , which was great!

We took a taxi over to seven mile beach, which we’d heard is THEE beach! It really is beautiful there, gorgeous turquoise waters and white sand.

We then decided to walk back to the port which was about 3 miles along the road ! Stopped for lunch along the way at a crackin wee place called ‘Peppers’ for lunch and we both got the lobster tail , it was SOOOO YUMMY!!!!


Stopped at another bar a little bit further down as it was soooo hot and we were both looking for an ice cold beer! The bar had a ladder where you could climb down and straight into the ocean ! I went for a dip and there were HUGE tarpon swimming around me ,it was crazy!

You can see one in this picture just above my head 🐟

Stopped at Margaritaville for another quick one and a photo with another Christmas tree and then hopped on the last tender boat to the ship!

A great day off , followed by a few drinks with the guys in the crew bar at night , which turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life as we had no idea what was in store the next day!….

Sea Day(sea day 1):

The ship was really starting to rock and I spent most of this day with my head stuck down the loo in my cabin. I was still throwing up at 7pm and decided to take a seasickness tablet , which honestly, I avoid at all costs because it makes me so drowsy and it’s a really horrible feeling!

(I remember on my first ever ship back in 2013 , the seas got a little rocky and because I wasn’t sure if I would get sick or not , some wise arse advised me to take the seasick pill ‘just incase’ so I did what I was told, then the NEXT DAY, I had training early in the morning and I COULD NOT keep my eyes open to save my life , it was so embarrassing !… I kept nodding off and felt like I was drunk!)

That night at work we had a Jam Night with our on board Latin quartet. Hans, Tito, Francisco and Rene are four incredibly talented guys from the Dominican Republic that can play their asses off! They came into the USA bar where we usually perform and the guys all jammed out together , it was so great! I need to put some footage up soon for you lot to see because it really was an amazing night !

Cartagena(Port day 2):

Well…. if you haven’t read my previous post, I’d go and do that now because I had to dedicate a whole blog post specifically to our day in Cartagena , it was ridiculous!!!

A wet day in Cartagena

Panama Canal:

The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway , 78miles long situated in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

I was so excited about getting to experience the Panama Canal and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do this !

We entered the Canal at 7.30am Saturday morning and with EVERY intention to get up early to watch us approach the Canal ……. I slept through it!!! 🙈🙈

We woke up at 10am and opened the port hole to a very different view than the normal view of ‘sea for miles.’ We were sailing so close to the wall of the Canal , it was crazy!!!

A normal port hole view:

What we got:

I rushed to get ready, grabbed a coffee and ran up to the deck to join the guests in viewing this amazing experience !

A few facts about the Panama Canal:

•About 14,000 ships use the Canal a year.

•On average it takes 8 to 10 hours to pass through under the navigational control of a specially trained Canal pilot (rather than a 2 week trip going around South America !)

•According to hospital records , 5,609 people died of diseases and accidents during the US construction period.

We sailed all the way down the Canal and reached the lake at around 12 O’clock and anchored for an hour to allow traffic to pass then did a wheel spin and slowly sailed all the way back along. The whole thing really blew my mind , I couldn’t believe this HUGE beast of a ship could actually fit in such a tight space !

We then started our sailing to Costa Rica……… or at least that’s what we thought!

Rocky Rocky Sea Day 3……

Saturday night after a great gig, we finally got back to our cabin and into bed and then the rockyness started….. again!

The wind had picked up outside and the sea started to get a bit violent with little Miss Paradise.

I have found , in my four years working at sea , that the gentle rock of the ship can sometimes relax you and put you straight to sleep at night but THIS was totally different !

First of all , the sound of the waves outside crashing up against the hull and our port hole was so loud , it was actually making me jump out my skin!….. It sounds like we’ve just sailed right into a wall …..BANG!!!!

Everything in the cabin was moving!…. and not just side to side but up and down too ….there was just no sleeping through that !

I finally managed to doze off at about 5am/ish and then at around 7am The Captain made an announcement (apparently) to say the weather was too bad to dock the ship in Puerto Limon and so we would be proceeding on our journey to Cozumel which meant two sea days in a row.

I must have been so shattered that I completely slept through the Captain’s announcement , which is a little bit worrying but Mr A informed me once I woke up that we weren’t going to be docking, which you can imagine , put me in a fantastic mood😳

So this day was a lot of ginger beer and falling around on stage !

Sea Day 4

On the Monday , we had the pleasure of getting all dressed up in our fancy pants clothes and performing at the captains cocktail party! 🍸

This is an event that they used to host on all the ships back in the day that they don’t really do any more however, as a treat for the guests on our journeys cruise , we brought it back for the night and from the feedback , they seemed to really enjoy it !

We performed to our guests and many of our crew members in the main theatre while they mingle and get stuck in about some free bevy’s and nibbles.

The cruise director, Jaimie Dee, introduces The Staff Captain, The Hotel Director , The Entertainment Director , The Food and Beverage Operations Manager, The Captain and many more up onto the stage for a big round of applause and so that the guests can see the faces of our hard working senior officers. The captain then says a few quick words and then it’s over !

The most difficult part of the captains cocktail party for me was standing in my heels without falling over while singing as the boat was STILL rocking like crazy !!

I wish I had filmed some footage of the waves to post as I’ve never seen the sea look this ferocious before ! The waves were so high they were battering up to the crew bar on deck 7 and soaking all the smokers !! 😂

Cozumel (Port day 4…..but really 3!):

So as your probably all well aware by now , I’m in Cozumel ALL THE TIME !!! Almost every ship I’ve worked on has docked in Cozumel, Mexico but I still love it just as much as the very first time I docked there❤️

We always find new places to eat or new places to explore even though we have been visiting for years !

We had the day off and with only a few days until our 4 year anniversary we decided to go to Park Royal Hotel and pay for a day pass.

For $50 we got to spend the day here :

With unlimited drinks and food, a few different pools to relax at and a beach , we had the most relaxing day off ever and I managed to catch a bit of sun on my old peely wally scottish skin !

Oh and we finally got our Christmas Tree and Stockings up in our cabin too 🎄😍👏🏼

So there you have it!

A (relatively) successful Journeys Cruise. We have made lots of new friends with the lovely Carnival guests (mostly from Tampa Florida and mostly over the age of 60!)

Truly gutted we didn’t make it to Puerto Limon to see some of Costa Rica however , it was still a smashing cruise and now the count down is on for Christmas and New Year baby !!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely cosy Christmas, especially all you Scot’s at home in freezing temperatures.

I always miss home at this time of year and even though this will be my 4th Christmas in the sun , I still find it weird not wrapping up in hats, gloves and scarfs at this time of year !

Check this cute photo I managed to capture in our beautiful atrium lobby:

Lots of Christmas love and hugs




  1. moira Train
    December 21, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    Loved your blog. Merry Christmas x

  2. Tom mcdonald
    December 22, 2017 / 5:52 am

    Awsome to see you guys are having so much fun and making people happy.me and debbie set a wedding date Sept 29 we show everyone the video from when we did it with you guys..keep on rock in and God bless…tom and debbie

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