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He popped the question!

Well, firstly I must apologise for my lack of blogging since returning home to Scotland but it really has been a bit of a mental/busy time what with holidays on Islay, working for NuSkin, Celebrating my 30th birthday and ofcourse our engagement !! I’ve been meaning to write a post about how He popped the question for ages and I’m finally getting round to it now!

After almost 5 years together, Mr A decided that he was in-fact mad enough to take me on full time 🙈

…but let’s go back to the very beginning and my first ever Carnival Cruise Line job in December 2013.

I first met Mr A in the beer aisle of a Target picking up beers for our apartments to start a month of living in Ft Lauderdale while rehearsing with the band before joining the Carnival Fascination. We both gave each other an approving look!

That night he sent a Facebook message to all the band members to invite everyone down to his apartment room for a beer and catch up and funnily enough….. I was the ONLY ONE that showed up! (I’m still not entirely convinced he messaged the whole band that night!)

Anyway, every night (after a long rehearsal day in the studio) I’d drop by his apartment for a couple of beers where we’d practise songs and listen to music and watch live concerts together. This went on for a whole month without any of our other band members knowing until we decided to confess one night after finally joining the ship when we were all gathered in the crew bar!….. to which most of the band’s reactions were ‘duuh!!’ Hahahaha we thought we’d hidden it so well, obviously not ! 😂

Almost 5 years later and we were on holiday in Scotland and in my most favourite place in the world , the Isle of Islay. (Islay is a small island up the west coast of Scotland where my mum was born that I’ve been visiting since I was wee girl.)

Mr A has been lucky enough to have a wee holiday over there every time he’s visited Scotland and loves it as much as we do. (It’s unexplainable, you’ll have to make a trip over to believe how magical this island is!)

Anyway….. After a few nights on Islay we decided to go out for a meal with the family at The Islay Hotel. There was ……My brother, Sister-in-Law, Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, Big Cousin and her 3 young boys and after a beautiful meal and few drinkys, Mr A decides to stand up and clink his knife off his wine glass to make a speech!!!……………… well, I couldn’t help but think, “OMG what are you doing?” “sit down damnit” and “what are you talking about?!” As he continued to ramble on about how happy he was that he was here on his 5th trip to Scotland and how welcoming everyone has been with him and how much he loves Islay and the whole family, my face gets redder and redder and I still have no idea what he was up to and why he has decided to take on this speech in front of everyone!?!?

It was at that moment I noticed the bar staff with their phones out and my mum out the corner of my eye recording it on her phone too and I started to think something was going on! He then walks over to me in my chair and goes down on one knee before me and begins to tell me how happy he’d be if I decided to spend the rest of my life with him and would I marry him?…… to which my reply was “OF COURSE!”

Although we’ve been engaged for 3 weeks now , it still hasn’t really sunk in yet…and every time I look at my gorgeous sparkler on my left hand, I get this massive cheeser on my face! 🙈🙈

I’m still so impressed he managed to keep it all a secret AND managed to ask my parents without me knowing AND picked out the most perfect, gorgeous diamond ring I could ever have asked for, that actually fits !!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 💍 💍

I’m so excited to start wedding planning and deciding where and when we’ll get married and where and when we’ll decide to settle down on land to start our lives together !! So much excitement for the future and absolutely buzzing for the day I say ‘I do’ to becoming Mrs Anna Arellano ❤️


  1. Alison Millar
    August 17, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I am so very happy for you and Chris. You were made for each other and in the right place at the right time!! Will always remember my first solo cruise on Carnival Fascination April 13TH 2013 and hearing that Scottish voice, that made my night perfect!! I feel like part of the family since we became friends on FB! Wishing you both a long and happy life together!!

    Love Alison

  2. August 20, 2018 / 3:47 pm

    Congratulations! Very happy for you!

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