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My Top Moments of 2017!


We made it!!!

I’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!…… I’ve already got a few exciting things lined up for my blog including writing a guest blog post, recording a ‘Day in The life’ Instagram story and I also have a photo shoot scheduled with one of our professional photographers !

Oh…… and not to mention my Falkirk Herald interview that published on Jan 7th , which,  if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here…


I’m currently in the process of researching the other Carnival Ships in the fleet to prepare ourselves for our next ship adventure once we finish The Paradise !…..

Exciting times ahead !

It seem’s like 2017 came and then disappeared so fast….they say that’s what happens as you get older !

I remember when I was a wee girl and felt like I was waiting FOREVERRRRR for Christmas to come round and I remember counting down the days as soon as Halloween was over because I couldn’t wait for my yearly visit from the big fella but now …… Christmas is here so bloody fast , I run out of time to buy all my presents before the big fella gets here !

Talking about Christmas , I received 2 late Christmas present’s in the post yesterday ! ( #christmaspresentstwoweeksintoJanuary #shiplife)

I got beautiful rose gold Swarovski crystal earrings from Chris’s sister, Sommer and a gorgeous Joma Jewellery necklace with a little bee 🐝 on it from my good friend Emma❤️

Feeling the love today 💕 Thank You girls.

My 6 Top Moments of 2017

I wanted to have this post published loonngggg before now but things have been so crazy busy on the ship since New Year that I haven’t had the chance till now, but here is a little list a few of my very top moments of 2017…..(not necessarily in this order!)

  1. Watching my big brother marry his high school sweetheart in August, after 12 years together!

2. Visiting the Mayan ruins ,Chichen Itza, in Mexico

3. Exploring the incredible New Orleans for 7 months while cruising on The Triumph.

4. Celebrating a whopping 4 years of love with Mr A❤️

5. Setting Up www.annabeesings.com in October, big achievement! 👏🏼👩🏼‍💻

6. Our first gig as a duo in August!

Looking ahead…

I am so excited for 2018 already and I am really enjoying learning the tips and tricks on how to become a successful blogger, thanks to various Facebook groups and Famous bloggers I follow.

I have literally been researching and chipping away at my page every single day since I published it in October 2017. (I know you can’t really tell right now and I still have a lot of work to do ….but just you wait!)

It’s so nice to have a hobby on the ship to keep me busy and motivated during the day’s when we have nothing to do! ………. the only down side is the amount of money I spend on internet 🙈….. hopefully it’ll all be worth it though when I’m making the big bucks 🤑😉

Taking on this project while working on ships is proving to be more difficult than I had thought it would be but I’m still really enjoying it and hope my website will grow over time !

What a great start to the year though!

We said goodbye to 2017 and brought in 2018 doing the one thing I love doing most……performing!

(Instead of our normal casino bar gig , we performed up on the lido deck stage to thousands of our awesome guests that had come on board to party into 2018 with us and I loved every minute of it!!)

I have lots of GoPro footage and photographs from our New Year party which I’ve been working through and hoping to post a video for you soon to give you a little idea of what New Years on the ship is like !

We’ve been working hard since New Year and unfortunately everyone’s been getting ill 🙁

There’s been a nasty bug floating around and I think I’m one of the last musicians to get it and trying to get back to 100% Health again!

I’ve also decided to take on DRY JANUARY because I’ve never done it before and I thought it might be an achievement for me! …. Today is Day 13 , I’m honestly pretty surprised I’ve got this far !


So here’s the thing….I want to hear from you guys!

I’m so happy with all the positive feedback from my blog and I’m so pleased people are following it but if you have any comments or feedback or want to hear something in particularity from me , I’d love to hear it and write a post about it !
Let me know your ideas!…
I want to hear from you !

AnnaBee xxx

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