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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

I did a wee timeline blog at the end of 2017 to remind myself of the highlights and best bits from the year and focus on all the good things that have happened to us through the year instead of the bad! It made me feel good to write and I was excited to do another one this year to celebrate 2018! This has been, hands down, the most eventful year to date and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! ❤️

I also have to apologise on my complete lack of blogging since starting this contract on The Legend. Unfortunately, due to the lack of WiFi on this ship, it’s making it really difficult. (That’s also why I’m posting this New Year post a week into the New Year! 🙄)

Sydney is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited , I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be over this side of the world doing what I love with Chris. I look over at the Sydney opera house and the Sydney bridge with the ship docked underneath and it just looks like a backdrop!…. so beautiful! We will be locating back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and we’re looking forward to having more time to explore Melbourne before flying home. Only 5 weeks and a few days till the end of our contract …. craaaazy!

Highlight’s from the most eventful year to date!



Brought in the New Year on The Paradise with great friends and an awesome band in the middle of the ocean playing live music to an epic crowd!


Our first trip to Cuba 🇨🇺❤️


Had the most amazing month living in Cozumel, Mexico with Mr A in our cute little air BnB and exploring the island in our little jeep spending our days snorkelling in the bluest oceans, eating tacos, drinking Mexican beers and making new friends.


Took a holiday to Alicante for a long weekend with my best friends to celebrate the year we all turned 30 🎈

Also, started my online business with the most amazing beauty and skincare company selling amazing products.


Spent the hottest summer in Scotland I’ve ever experienced followed by THE BEST holiday ever on Islay with so much family around us!…. this was also the place Chris decided to propose which was one of my most favourite moments to date!❤️


Turned the big Three-Oh with an incredible birthday party with live music from so many friends and family ……. and even managed to keep the celebrations going all weekend long ! 😂


Spent quality time in Texas with all of Chris’s family and celebrated our engagement with them.


Rehearsed with our band for The Legend and received an offer for The Carnival Horizon for our next contract as a mainstream duo.


Made the long journey over to Australia to meet our new ship and explore Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Fiji, The Isle Of Pines and some other beautiful ports.


Celebrated 5 years with Carnival Cruise Line and 5 years with Mr. A ❤️

Click the link below to watch a wee video I made of how my last hour of 2018 went, Enjoy x



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