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Cozumel One Month Vacation Highlights!

Hola Hola Hola de Mexico!

What an amazing month we’ve had here living like true islanders!

Who can say they had a full month holiday in Mexico??……except maybe all those famous bloggers that travel the world and get paid for it…..maybe I should be working towards that in the future !

Anyway I wanted to write a post before we leave the Island tomorrow to note down our One Month Vacation Highlights but I also don’t want to bore you all to death so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet but as beneficial as possible incase anyone reading is planning on taking a trip to Cozumel in the future!….(which i would highly recommend!)


Cozumel (Spanish pronunciation: [kosu’mel], is an island and municipality in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, opposite Playa del Carmen, and close to the Yucatán Channel. The municipality is part of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

34 miles north to south and 11 miles east to west!

Our Apartment

We have totally fallen in love with our little air BnB home for the month! Its the perfect size for two! Theres been a few silly little issues we’ve had but nothing major e.g I learned not to use the hairdryer when Mr A was using the shower as it cuts all the electricity off in the apartment and you have to sit outside to put your face on!!!

The other small downside is the noises at night (and believe me, we are used to stupid noises from working on ships so long!) but basically the neighbours across from us have a rooster that just LOVES to “cock-a-doodle-doo!” from around 4am non stop till about 11am when we decided to get up and he obviously decides to fall back asleep!?….and The family that live above them leave their dog out on the balcony all night long and that little dog just LOVES to “woof woof” its head off all night which then sets off the rest of the dogs in the street! (Everyone has a dog here , they usually live on the roof of their house, its weird !)

There are also various vehicles that drive around with a HUGE loudspeaker attached to the roof that play loud catchy jingles to promote their business which end up stuck in your head all day !….oh and not to forget the guy who sells big 5 gallon bottles out his van and just peeps his horn continuesly as he drives down the streets to let everyone know he’s there!…..

Apart from that ahahahahah the apartment is so perfect…. little living area with fold down couch, little balcony with the cutest little swing to have your morning coffee, huge bedroom, perfect small size bathroom with big walk in shower, fridge, microwave, good working air conditioning and a small 2 ring electric hob! What more could you possibly need?

The apartment is about a 15 minute walk to the downtown area which made us do plenty of walking back and forward however we also discovered that 30th street is right behind out apartment and has as many restaurants as downtown and for half the price too which is great!

The apartment also comes with two bikes which we used lots to get around and snorkelling equipment too which came in handy a few times !


Check my fancy basket!
Snorkelling at Punta Sur

Two Gigs at Almas Bar !

We stumbled upon Alma’s Bar a week ago! It was one afternoon when we were walking home from a late breakfast and decided to take a different route home !

We stopped into this cute little bar along the way for a beer or two as it was so hot ! We ended up having more than a couple of beers and ended up chatting to a couple at the bar, Jim and Monie,  who we had no idea would end up being our new friends for the following week! We talked lots about music and they asked lots of questions about the cruise ship gig and then from nowhere the elderly gentleman sitting nearby us (who turned out to be the owner of the bar) had overheard our conversation that we worked on the ship and played music and he asked us (or maybe we asked him!) If we wanted to play some music there at his bar! 

The next day we woke up with a very vague memory of agreeing to a gig at this little bar and had to go back to make sure we hadn’t dreamt it!…Sure enough the guy was there , and his lovely wife Alma, and they reassured us that we were still on and he was looking forward to seeing us the following night for the gig!…. It turned out to be a fantastic night with a great atmosphere , lots of beers, tequila, great food, good music and we made lots of new friends too! Gene’s friend, David, came with his saxophone and jammed out with too which was great fun! Gene and Alma (the owners) who now feel like family to us , then offered us another gig on the Saturday which was St Patrick’s day and it turned out to be another brilliant night! (I have a feeling if we’d stumbled across Alma’s Bar the first week we were here , we’d have worked every weekend of our stay!)

Anyway we have now made new friends for life and we look forward to popping into Alma’s Bar with the boys from the band for a visit when we next dock in Cozumel!

St Patrick's Day Gig

Some Top Spots

We racked our brains and managed to list 40+ places we have eaten here in Cozumel !!

Below I have listed 5 of OUR very favourite restaurants.  I also did a list of some other cool places/bars that we think are worth a visit if you ever find yourself on the island! (click on the names to see their website/facebook page)

Our Top 5 Places To Eat:

  • Islander Cozumel -great breakfast/lunch place, good coffee, nice atmosphere and cute friendly cat that lives there!
  • Chillin Bistro -2 minute walk from our apartment. Great grub, atmosphere, staff and live music almost every night!
  • Chalo’s -yummiest food! Best Posole I’ve ever had at this place! Lovely  poolside area to hang out and x2 for x1 margaritas all day every day!
  • Corazon Contendo -tastiest and cheapest breakfast on the island! Lots of locals so great for practising your spanish! The Mexicano Omelette is my favourite !
  • Shaka -the best fish on the island ! I had  a whole red snapper fish for lunch yesterday and extremely well priced too! Amazing view over the sea to watch the ships leaving port!.. It’s also way down at the end of the main street where most of the locals hang which is kind of cool too!
Yesterday's Red Snapper for lunch at Shakas!

Our Top 5 cool spots to Visit:

  • Alma Only Bar and Arrachera Steak House –friendliest staff, great food, coolest hangout and out the way of all the downtown nonsense !
  • Wet Wendy’s -fun place, great staff, best margaritas on the island….my favourite is the Cucumber and Jalepeno Margarita on the rocks! live music most nights !
  • Turquoise –Best place to watch the sun set, great cocktails and friendly pet pig that runs around by your feet!
  • Punta Sur Eco Beach Park -Over the other side of the island and most southern point so need to hire a jeep/car/scooter but totally worth a visit. So much to do and see over there (including crocodiles!) and the beach and  the beach is beautiful!
  • 30th Street! (no link)- All the streets are named in numbers (my idea of a freaking nightmare!) but the street behind our’s is a busy street with lots of restaurants and stores where the locals eat and shop and we found a few cool places for dinner up there and very cheap!
As far South as you can go! (Punta Sur)


I absolutely love the street art around Cozumel! Its keeps the streets looking colourful and fun …..here’s a few pictures of some of my favourite Murals

If you didn’t catch it already, Here’s a little video I made with the GoPro when driving around Down Town in our rented jeep! Enjoy…..

“Other Side Of The Island”

A few people we had spoken to in bars and some of the friends we made on the first week all seemed to be saying the same thing to us “you haven’t seen Cozumel until you drive over to the Other Side Of The Island!” Which always made me laugh as there doesn’t seem to be an official name for it? Theres even a sign down town with an arrow that says “Other Side Of The Island”!

So we took everyone’s advice and decided to rent a jeep (probably not as environmentally friendly as a scooter but makes for a good instagram post!) and headed over for a visit! 

It made total sense once we were over there as the scenery is so beautiful and theres a few really cool bars as well…..Infact it was a bar named ‘Rastas’ where I first discovered the Peanut Butter Tequila for the first time and also The ‘Ojo Rojo’, my new favourite drink !

So you’ve heard of a bloody Mary right ?….well an Ojo Rojo (Red Eye in spanish) is the same but so much yummier ! It has the special ingredient , Clamato, which is tomato juice with clam juice which perhaps sounds rank…but believe me , its deeeeelicioussss !

The Ojo Rojo


•1 teaspoon salt

•1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

•1 lime, cut into 8 wedges

•4 dashes Worcestershire sauce

•4 dashes Maggi seasoning sauce (or 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce)

•2-4 dashes Mexican hot sauce (Cholula, Tapatio, or Tabasco)

•Black pepper


•1 bottle cold light Mexican beer ( Pacifico, Corona or my favourite beer – Tecate Light!)

The downside to all the lovely Ojo Rojo’s, margaritas, tequilas, beers and food here in Mexico is that it’s not very good for the waistline!  Its not easy to eat healthily here especially when you receive free chips and salsa on your table with every meal and the tortillas are homemade and delicious!

Ive no idea how much weight we’ve gained in the month but I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work to use that lovely big gym and also give my liver a break from alcohol for a while! I’ll be hitting up LoseItAndLoveIt for operation #getfit !


One thing that continuously blows my mind when walking around the streets is some of the sights we’ve spotted on the back of scooters! Most of the locals scoot around on their wee scooters here! There are more scooters on the roads than cars and I am going to write a list of some of the shocking and hilarious things we have seen the locals riding around with on their scooters! (Mr A will back me up that none of these are exaggerated!)

•Girl eating an ice cream on the back

•Girl texting on phone on the back

•Guy carrying a Fishing rod while driving

•A guy holding a dog on the back

•A Whole family of 4 (2 kids under 4 at least!)

•A lady holding a New born baby on the back!

•Guy carrying a full air tank for snorkelling on the back!

•Guy driving with a whole Lawn mower over his back!

•A guy driving with a whole ladder through his arm!

•A girl on the back holding a full yellow birthday cake with candles!

•A lady breastfeeding (stationary though to be fair!)

•A lady taking a nap (…..also stationary !!)

My biggest regret is that we were here a month and didn’t go Diving. 

Cozumel is most famous for it’s Scuba Diving , in fact , every friend we’ve made here was on the island to dive. We left it too late to get certified and couldn’t really afford to go and not to mention I got my tattoo and couldn’t be in the ocean that long….oops! 

We saw GoPro footage our friends took when diving and there are so many gorgeous tropical colourful fish and the ocean is so so blue and clear. They actually got to see a huge sting ray, a couple of big turtles and a little nurse shark too! There are also amazing bright purple corals down there which we were lucky enough to see when we went snorkelling which I was pleased about!

Anyway I should probably start wrapping this up as I could easily go on and on …but I won’t!

I certainly have a huge love for this Island even more now than before and feel incredibly lucky to have had this whole month in Cozumel! I feel very safe and ‘at home’ here.

We’ve really enjoyed having the time to actually explore all the little back streets that we’ve never walked down before and listening to live music around the local bars and taking risks on new restaurants that we’ve never eaten at because we actually have time to!

 Cozumel has so much to offer and if you ever get the chance to visit on a cruise ship or on a holiday , I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed !

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