A Typical Sea Day

Hello lovely people, 

So guess what?………Its only ONE WEEK and TWO DAYS till we finish our contract here! It’s gone by soon fast! We’ve really enjoyed this ship and adjusting to our new position as a duo. 

We are hoping that by switching from Rockbound to an Acoustic Duo, it will open a few doors for us between contracts when we are home to make some money gigging in Scotland and Texas……..or wherever will have us! 🙂 

We’ll be flying over to Scotland together on July 13th to spend some quality time with my family and friends and we’re both really looking forward to attending the big wedding day of my cousin Emily and her lovely big fella, Aeron……it’s gonna be a crackin day!

Hopefully when we are home, Chris and I can get a leg up on our own wedding planning too! We have so many great ideas but putting it all into one plan is proving to be harder than we had anticipated!….but we are really excited to try and get a plan in place in hope for a wedding day in 2020 <3

Yesterday Chris and u were lucky enough to spent our day off in a photoshoot with our friend Wilma, who is a professional photographer for the Dream Studio on board, on the beautiful island of Curacao! It was really good fun and we are looking forward to seeing some of the shots, so keep your eyes peeled! 

I finally got round to making this video for you, so here you have it….. A video made and edited by yours truly on what a Typical Sea Day looks like for a Singer here on The Carnival Horizon!…….Maybe my next one should be what a day in port looks like, what do you think?


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