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A wet day in Cartagena


I’m sure if you have been keeping up with my AnnaBee Facebook page and Instagram you’ll have seen some photos from our adventure in Cartegena ! But I just HAVE to tell you the full story anyway so strap yourself in, it’s a long one !…..

Cartagena, known in the colonial era as Cartegena De Indias , is a Port City on Columbia’s Caribbean Coast.

By the Sea is the walled old town, founded in the 16th Century with squares, cobblestone streets , and colourful colonial buildings.

With a tropical climate, the city is also a popular beach destination.

8.45am Friday morning…….

The whole band met up to get off the ship together as we were also celebrating Luis, our keys player’s birthday!

It was a beautiful scorching hot day when we set off outside and jumped in a taxi to the old town to check out the sights for ourselves.

We walked through the beautiful square and through the small streets taking in the city’s beauty.

We managed to find ourself’s a cute like breakfast cafe where we could sit down and get something to eat and get some some much needed caffeine into us (as 8.45am is almost NEVER seen by a musician so the majority of the band weren’t quite functioning properly yet!)

The next thing we noticed it had started raining outside ……so after a chorus of Cumpleanos Feliz and another swig of coffee we made an executive decision to head to another cafe across the street for a change of atmosphere and a WiFi Fix…. however by the time we stepped outside the road was slightly submerged under water and we couldn’t get across , apart from Nicky who had flip flops on and splashed his way on over to the sunny side of the street!

As we paddled further down and the streets became more and more flooded , we came across the next best thing…a shoe shop!

So we all decided to purchase some cheap flip flops so we too could splash on over the new rivers of Cartegena and join our friend Nicky on the side of the lake where caffeine and dreams are made !

The rain got heavier and heavier and after about an hour in a shoe shop trying to keep dry (with a homeless dog I named Juan , who also had the same idea as us!) The shop began to flood too!

(You can see Juan by Mr A’s feet in the photo bellow!)

We decided it was time to bite the bullet and start our breast stroke towards the cafe.

We were completely soaked by the time we arrived! I was snapping photos and videos along the way laughing our heads off at this ridiculous adventure that we didn’t see coming, however I couldn’t help but feel terrible for the poor people of Cartegena who’s stores were now inches deep in water and witnessing homeless people and dogs stranded and shaking trying to keep them self’s dry was hard to see. 🙁

The taxi journey of death….

Leaving ourself’s plenty of time to head back to the ship we managed to flag down two taxis to take us all back to the ship so, Myself , Will and Mr A jumped into one together.

As you can imagine , the streets were in bedlam as cars were breaking down everywhere and the streets were getting jammed up with cars.

After sitting in a traffic jam for 15 minutes in an (already) run down cab, our driver decided to TRY and drive up onto the kerb to get around the floating cars in front of us , the guy is revving his engine like crazy and having no luck , then we noticed that smoke had started appearing from the ventilators !!! Then before I know it, my feet were bloody ankle deep in water INSIDE the cab !!!!!! The water from outside was so deep , it had started flooding into the car! Senõr ? Finally managed to reverse all the way back down the street so we could get back on the road, every time he’d turn a corner , the water would sploosh up against the door’s and then the driver would turn round to look at our feet and laugh his head off !! It was mental!

And that’s not the worst part…..

So I’m shivering in the back of this taxi, my feet soaking in the dirty water and I’m thinking things can’t possibly get any worse, UNTIL…….. I notice Will flapping his arms around and, I shit you not , a cockroach was CRAWLING UP HIS LEG!!!!!! By this time I’m having a full on melt down ! Will manages to squish the roach and then a few seconds later , Chris finds one on his shorts too! They killed 3 COCKROACHES on that taxi journey back to the ship and the driver just laughed the whole way ….HORRIFIC !!!!

So there you have it….. that was our one and only chance to experience Cartagena, Columbia and even though it wasn’t quite what we had expected , it’s an experience I’ll not be forgetting in a hurry !





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  2. January 10, 2018 / 1:36 am

    adorable! What kind of music do you play? This sounds like such an adventure!

    • bakeranna
      January 11, 2018 / 5:16 pm

      Thank you! 🙂
      We play everything from 80s/90s to Motown and Country ! Keep following my adventures here !

  3. January 10, 2018 / 11:25 pm

    That water is unreal, it’s so deep!
    I really appreciate how you’ve just taken it all in your stride.
    Lovely candid pictures too 🙂

    • bakeranna
      January 11, 2018 / 5:20 pm

      Thank You For checking out my blog Kelly !
      It was a crazy experience ! 😂 x

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