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20 days on a boat.

Well today marks day 20 on board the Splendor and due to circumstances out of my control , unfortunately I have been unable to get off the ship in Hawaii or Guam.

It’s pretty difficult to put into words how the last 20 days have been. We’ve had huge ups and down’s (insert ship joke here!) and have overcome many challenges along the way.

First of all , For those of you that have never worked on ship’s before I’m sure you read these blogs, and think “oh yeah hard life you’ve got Anna sailing to all these incredible destinations getting paid for playing music 3-4 hours a night 🙄” but PLEASE believe me when I say I am VERY grateful for this job and the places I’ve been able to visit over the years and the opportunity’s it has brought to me including meeting my life and music partner along the way!……but that doesn’t mean that every day is easy. Life at sea can be demanding and living a life caged up in a tiny cabin can be difficult and can mess with your mental health. So you can imagine how I’m feeling about getting outside tomorrow and exploring somewhere brand new! I’m going to be in Malaysia man Ahhhhh!!!!!

Tomorrow will be my first day off the ship since we left Long Beach (on October 5th!) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to , not just explore Kota Kinabalu, but to simply touch solid ground …… the kind of ground that doesn’t move from side to side or rock you to sleep at bedtime, you know the kind ? 🤣

The truth.

Today has , by far , been the most difficult day in terms of mood and positive mindset…… quite frankly….. I’m cranky as shit!

For other people who work on ship’s , you’ll know the feeling you get around midway through your contract when everything starts to get difficult…..better known as ‘mid contract blues’ (It’s a real thing people!) It get’s hard to perform your shows with the same energy and enthusiasm as the very first month and you start missing home and all of a sudden a 9-5 desk job appeals to you!!

Staying positive can be difficult and for some reason mid contract the drag starts …but usually you end up coming out the other end somewhat happier , stronger and more enthusiastic! Lol

Grateful State Of Mind.

So far the best part of all these day’s on the ship was yesterday ….. We sailed right through the Philippines and it was one of the most amazing experiences. Up until yesterday , the days were all very samey-samey but yesterday was such a treat….the weather was so perfect , the water was like glass , the few scattered

clouds looked so fluffy in the sky and the sunset was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen! The buzz around the philippino crew members sailing past their home land was pretty special …… it was definitely a feeling I’ll remember for the rest of my life and really helped put me back into a grateful state of mind! 🥰

Anyhoo……. thought I’d update you a little bit on our whereabouts! We’ll be in Vietnam on Sunday and I’m so excited to take a trip down the Mekong Delta which I’ll write all about afterwards!

It’s only 1 week until we sail into Singapore but unfortunately we’ll be heading straight to the airport to make our way to Baltimore (via Taipe!) but we’re excited to be joining the beautiful Carnival Pride for a journeys cruise around the Caribbean ….It’s a busy old life but I love it!!

I’m going to leave you with this photo of Chris and the sign in our cabin loo…… if anyone can make sense of this , please let us know ?!? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

AnnaBee xx


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