Welcome to The Carnival Horizon.

Hello!….. It’s me Anna Bee , remember me ? 😀👋🏼 I am writing this blog from a sun lounger on deck 15 of my new floating home, The Carnival Horizon in the very beautiful and…

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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

I did a wee timeline blog at the end of 2017 to remind myself of the highlights and best bits from the year and focus on all the good things that have happened to us…

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Some exciting news!

Well today marks my 5th year anniversary working for Carnival Cruise Line and what a journey it’s been! 5 years ago I flew over to America on my own and was rehearsing in the studio…

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Celebrating 100 years – Our Granny Ann.

 Today, October 12th 2018, my wee granny Ann turns 100 years old! All my family are over on Islay to help celebrate this impressive milestone with her and although I’m sad I can’t be there to…

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The Power Of Personal Development

Since starting my beauty business “side gig” back in June, l kept hearing the words ‘Personal Development’ pop up around me and a few people had mentioned to me that if I wanted to succeed…

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